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Work independently or as part of a staff without supervision Job and keep a positive attitude and composure Excellent communication and social skills; friendly reception of customers Need to present a professional image while in the flight attendant uniform Neat and well dressed Basic computer skills. Spirit Airlines unconventional approach to coping with their clients is in line with their unconventional beginnings. Training: Spirit Airways actually started as a trucking company in 1964. 5 week initial flight attendant training program conducted in Las Vegas, NV Minimum of 5 hours Initial Operating Experience Must keep a ninety (90) percent or above average on most written and oral exams Class hours may include weekends and nights Will be offered employment and put on payroll following successful completion of the program Training is not paid However, a per diem will be given to pay miscellaneous expenses during that time. Yes, a trucking company. Delta Air Base Cities and Airports: But in 1980 https://deltareservationsflights.com/, the business decided to branch out and enter the airline industry.

Starting a flight attendant career can be great for people who like to travel. At that time, they were known as Charter One and they were mostly an airline to get pleasure travelers. Inside this career you may work one or two several flights every day. Business was so great that they expanded to other cities and eventually become a complete scale airline.

When the essential flight attendant training plan was successfully completed, you’ll be assigned a foundation location. Spirit Airlines Still Flew to Vacations Spots. This is the town Delta Air has hired you to operate from; thus, you have to report to work at the designated city and airport.

Additionally they broadened their focus and started targeting Spanish speaking travelers. Based on your current location, this could require you to sail into the bottom city to function or require potential relocation to the city that is designated. They added flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico and additional Spanish speaking customer support The interest from those flights caused Spirit Airlines to expand to additional destinations in Central and South America.The Spirit learned to recognize what their clients were seeking and they gave it to them. Relocation: That’s what led Spirit to another important shift in their corporate plan. Delta Air flight attendant base airports and cities are: Their new approach would help them.

Benefits: In 2007, Spirit Air determined that they wanted to become an ultra low cost provider. Health and Insurance policy healthcare insurance Dental/Medical insurance policy Wellness program Incentives Financial Retirement Planning Competitive 401(k) plan Training Specialized Leadership, teamwork, and advancement training although Delta University Access to travel anywhere Delta Air or its partners fly Family members will also be eligible for free or reduced rate travel Guest passes for Delta Air flights to talk about with family and friends Special rates through airline spouses Hotel/resort lodging Car rentals Cruises Entertainment Etc.. A low price airline is one that charges a very low price for a seat and then charges additional fees for your extras. See all of the flight attendant jobs available.

Passengers can choose what extras they need or don’t need. At the time, it was a revolutionary concept and travelers instantly recognized that they might save money with Spirit Airways. Delta Airlines. A traveler might get a cheap airfare and then to get a little extra, they can get a bigger seat or a beverage and snack if they wanted. Delta Airlines. Simply because Spirit is a low cost airline, so that doesn’t mean that you get shortchanged on customer support or accessibility.

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