British, married Ukrainian – passport title improvement in Ukraine – Ukraine Forum

British, married Ukrainian – passport title improvement in Ukraine – Ukraine Forum

Hello, i am British having a uk passport. We married my now spouse in Britain. Our company is in Ukraine Kiev presently wanting to alter her passport that is ukrainian name my surname – using the title of spouse. Unfortuitously they’ve refused to changed her Ukrainian interior passport and her name to mine. Ukraine has two passports international and internal. First you need to alter interior before international. Exactly what can we do in this matter to effectively change my wifes surname using her husbands?

Marry in Ukraine (register wedding in RAGS workplace), the process is pretty simple and easy easy now, then she will have justification to alter both her passports.

Hello. We currently hitched in Britain. My wife came back today through the OVIR (passport) workplace, she decided to go to see them as safe passport had been refused modification of title. Additionally some representative along the way most likely from that OVIR workplace penned in blue pen within the passport, next to the picture i.d. The name modification. They state she’s got to try to get a brand new passport with her initial title before she will do just about anything else – oh my god.

Considering that the passport isn’t any longer valid due to the pen writing one of them place in the passport.

We agree engaged and getting married in UKR might have been easier from the beginning.

Most likely a little belated to state this now, but my wife did not bother about changing her title directly after we had been hitched on her behalf Ukraine passports.

Our buddies told us that it had been a big headache as Ukraine does not recognise double passports and there is therefore such bureaucracy in changing that individuals kept her interior one in her initial title as soon as she got British Citizenship allow her Ukraine worldwide one lapse.

For appropriate things contact jumbie a poster that is regular right here who’s got some familiarity with legislation.

Many thanks. Yes it is a headache that is major so we have actually simply embarked regarding the modification of title. We have been considering using from ZAGS; a questionnaire which will enable my partner to improve title in passport. It will take around 3 months on her behalf if everything goes precisely, in order to get this type (authorities checks and checking all papers, every thing). Then after with that type she’ll manage to use her form and passport for title change.

Possibly it could just be better to keep her title in passport since it is. After which later make an application for an alteration of title once she receives Uk citizenship years down the road?

She got British Citizenship allow her to Ukraine worldwide one lapse. As you stated; „kept her interior one out of her initial title and whenever“ so that you mean submit an application for UK passport at this stage, keep UKR internal passport, UKR worldwide passport any longer, and think about title changing possibility. File in British with demand of passport as soon as citizenship is authorized?

Every other problems i’m not seeing dare i ask.

„what about title possibility that is changing. File in British with demand of passport as soon as citizenship is authorized“

Can you mean a noticeable modification of title in britain?

Yes! Name improvement in British after permanent residence is provided.

Which will be years aways needless to say.

Sent you pm on the best way to replace the title in British.

Can any one supply the contact Department of vital statistic and civil status (RAGS) in Kiev

And any guidance of Marriage in Kiev to my Fiancй who is Ukrainian

Additionally all about Visa application for very long a Rejected Visa application for her to become listed on myself in UK

The only method of remaining together is through myself residing in Kiev together